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3D Pens — The Latest Geeky Gift

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in Design | 0 comments

The list for Christmas has become snazzier than ever. Sci-fi inspired gifts and technologically advanced toys have become the latest filling for Santa’s sack. New age inventions like spinthariscope, glow-in-the-dark-uranium marbles and phosphorescent powder are all examples of nuclear powered toys. To implement nuclear science in the manufacture of toys was unthinkable a decade ago. But nowadays parents also like it when science is involved in the toys as that helps the kids to enjoy their lessons.

The latest technology to foray into this territory is 3D printing. 3D printing has caught the fancy of all sorts of people starting from the top designers to NASA scientists. Many 3D printing companies are providing various services customized to meet the consumers’ needs. Printing Service Singapore is one such company that caters to a wide range of services.

3D pen

It’s no wonder that a 3D pen manufactured to implement 3D printing has how become the most innovative gift idea for this year’s Christmas. 3Doodle is the company which has designed and developed the hand held pens which can be used to develop your own miniature structures.


This hand held pens are manually operated unlike the 3D desktop printers which need to be fed software inputs. The device extrudes molten plastic that solidifies in contact with air. It offers the user the flexibility to use their imagination and build interesting structures.

Some critics have brushed off the 3D pens as a modification of yesteryear glue guns but that is not totally true. Very recently a lady used a 3Doodle to create a cast for her broken hand and it helped her to heal the wounds. These kind of useful innovations have egged up the interest of people and soon other 3D pens like 3D Air Pen, the LIX pen are slated to hit the market. Projecting into the future we can expect the 3D pens to be as easily available in the markets as the desktop printers are today.

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Chewits Launch New Products to Boost up Christmas Sales

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Creating Jobs | 0 comments

The Chewits sweet brand is launching two products specially designed for Christmas sales. One is a full box containing a collection of eight chewy sweet sticks in flavours of Strawberry, Fruit Salad and Sour Apple. The other one is a pack containing two Sour Apple sticks and two Strawberry sticks. The first one is priced at $ 2.00 and the second one is priced at $ 1.00.

Christmas is the time when sales of confectionary shoot up because people easily give in to the demands of the children. Chewits is a very popular brand among children and it is a common practice to put it inside Santa Sacks.

Retailers need to plan well to boost up sales because consumers have become more savings oriented nowadays. Very few people plan to complete their shopping from a one stop market. This also means more sales opportunity of smaller convenience stores.

The commercial manager of Chewits, Bev Seymour has said that people are mostly biased towards chocolate during Christmas and hence more strategic planning is required to sell sugar confectionary like Chewits. There is a percentage of children with dairy intolerance who form the loyal customer base for Chewits. Also Chewits counts on the nostalgic quotient that the sugary treats trigger. People are more likely to buy for their children what they used to love in their childhood.


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The Growing Market of Hand Dryers

Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Creating Jobs | 0 comments

A new market report has been published by Transparency Market Research, this data states: “The global hand dryer market is expected to reach a value of 930.8 million USD by 2020. That shows exponential growth at a 11.4% CAGR. The total number of hand dryers sold in 2013 was around 2000 units; this number is only going to go up to a staggering 4376.8 thousand unites by 2020.

Last year, Asian Pacific countries held the top spot of exporting the largest shipments of hand dryers. The increased number is due to the huge demand for companies to go green. So many new products are being created, and they’re all pushing towards eco friendly appliances that increase the hygiene of your bathroom, and save on electricity costs.


There are two main types of hand dryers that are used in your every day bathroom. One machine consists of blowing hot air onto recently washed hands, and the other consists of using jet air to dry your hands. As the jet air is more efficient, it’s not as popular due to costs. In 2013, hot dryers held about 65.14% of shares in the hand dryer market. Jet air dryers are expected to steadily grow to 12% in the next four years; you can thank that stock growth to the technological advancements that are being made every day as the demand for eco friendly dryers are rising.

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First Look – Issey Miyake’s New London Flagship

Posted by on Nov 8, 2014 in Design | 0 comments

Issey Miyake’s new London flagship store has opened on Brooke Street. This 460 sq m building provides an amazing shopping experience after being designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and bringing together all of the fashion house’s collections. The only collection that is not under this roof is the Pleats Please collection that is just a few doors down the road. This store will also stock the latest Issey Miyake textile invention.

Yoshioka has designed more than one hundred and fifty stores for Issey Miyake since the late 1980s and still has yet to run out of ideas. This store used to be a bank, but now it takes its design cues from the Reality Lab in Tokyo. The pillars and walls of the building have been stripped to expose a raw concrete surface. The clothing is then hung behind the bright blue panels.

The bright blue panels have a neat story behind them. They form a central feature of the store and are made from aluminium. This aluminum is made in Germany before it is anodised in Switzerland by a specialist company. Each of these panels takes about four hours to anodise before it can get to this beautiful color and size. The floor of the store is a poured screed and has 2mm layers of micro-top that is applied in a six coat process. After the coating, it is hand finished.


Details are extremely important to Miyake. Miyake is somewhat of a perfectionist and also wants to make sure that they are pushing technology, craftsmanship boundaries of reproduction modern furniture. If you look at all of the spaces created for Miyake, you can tell that this has been at the forefront in all of these projects.

Yoshioka has not only designed spaces for Miyake, but also companies like BMW, Lexus and Toyota. He is known for his furniture designs which you will be able to see around this new London store. One of the most notable pieces of furniture around the store is the Brook Ottoman. The Brook Ottoman is a soft upholstered multifaceted seat which will, hopefully, be in production by Moroso.

One of the most talked about things when it comes to this project is the 3D Steam Stretch. If you ever get the chance to watch it in its production stage, it is amazing. Some people refer to wearing this material as being like wearing a cloud. It is said that nature has a lot to do with the inspiration of this design.

The process is patent pending and has a great deal of excitement around it since there are so many possibilities. It could be made into interiors, possibly a new sub-brand or some other application. What we do know is that it has a bright future along with anything else that is connected with these professionals. There will be plenty to see in the coming months and many shoppers will be able to enjoy this unique experience at this new store on Brooke Street in London.


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Blood Sugar Tests goes Wireless, Painless for Patients

Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Innovations | 0 comments

It is really an exciting thing that you can test your blood sugar now without poking a single needle. Sounds exciting? Well to much of your surprise a European company named Abbott has released its freestyle libre system which may help in measuring diabetes level. Both patients and doctors cannot wait for this discovery.

When a research was made in order to understand what people think about measuring diabetes then a 65 year old woman was found complaining. She said that since she is having type 2 diabetes she needs to keep a daily track on her diabetes level. She was found complaining about her skin that became tender due to the constant poking of needles. She was super excited to know that her complaints are answered now.

The main function of libre system is to help users. It is a sensor of coin sized that is worn on the arm for two weeks continuously. A filament along with an adhesive pad is placed under the skin. This is attached to a scanner that looks like your smart phone. The scanner when brought in contact with the skin measure the diabetes level immediately.

During the inauguration of this machine the vice president of Abbott also showed that you can scan between your clothes using this machine. The sensor remains active for 24/7 since it is a digital machine. Using this machine you can also measure your haemoglobin level. This is something which doctors were trying to find out for ages but they were not successful.


This machine will also generate the single key number. Doctors were after this number for ages. This is the number that shows how sugar has done over the last three months. This helps doctors track the complication in the level of sugar and helps them with a much easier form of treatment. High sugar level has a tendency to destroy eye, heart kidney and so on.

This important prediction will help to know about the haemoglobin rate in our body and hence will help both patients and doctors. Measuring the haemoglobin rate previously was a real tough method but nowadays with this machine you can measure your haemoglobin rate even without poking a single needle. You can now easily measure your haemoglobin and blood sugar level and note it down and inform it to your physician rather than wasting time in a pathological centre for a blood test.

Doctor Gilani of Guelph feels that when patients will know about the facts and exact figures of their blood sugar and haemoglobin level then it will be very helpful for them. This will also make the patients take good care of them. Rather than solely believing on the physician it is always better to know the fact. Knowing about the exact health condition will make one health conscious, natural medicine from iHerb website can help. Even doctors of today are trying out this test in order to know about their health condition. Although this machine is not available in Canada yet Canada is doing something urgently in order to use this machine.

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Responsive Web Design: Easy as Pie

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Design | 0 comments

In today’s world a website designer has to face the daunting task of learning to code even if they are not remotely interested in softwares. The designer might be brilliant in the creative space but lack of technical skill often hinders them from delivering quality designs.


Froont aims to solve this problem. The beta version of Froont has been launched in May 2013 and it is backed by Finnish VC Inventure. It provides ease of use, suitability to designers from non technical backgrounds and a broader horizon to create and share designs.


The CEO and cofounder Sandijs Ruluks of Froont feels that sharing is the most important aspect in the designing community. Froont allows easy sharing which is an enriching experience for the designers. Using Froont people can create new designs or revise old and existing designs. It minimizes double work to a large extent.


The inspiration for Froont came from Github which endorses code reuse. Open-source coding has become an established norm but the concept of open sourced design still has some way to go. Froont aims to be there soon.


A huge number of internet companies are being launched every day. They have a growing demand for responsive website designs. Using Froont web designers can improvise on top of established professional designs and share with their clients the deliverables within a very short turnaround time. Some web design companies have already started to implement Froont in their business.


Froont lets the designers work on their visual editor which provides easy to use drag and drop functionalities. The output of the design is handled by Froont and converted into HTML5 and CSS3. The output being standardized can be incorporated easily into web applications. This is a huge advantage to the technologically challenged designers who are bubbling with creativity but never could reach their potential due to lack of standard tools.


Froont earns its revenue from an interesting freemium revenue model adopted by Ruluks. The designers who are not willing to share their work can still use Froont but they will have to pay a fee. The designers who want to share their work and allow reuse can use Froont services for free.

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Posted by on Oct 3, 2014 in Innovations | 0 comments

The new IPhone is prepared to be a money related diversion changer for the world’s biggest traded on an open market organization, and Apple’s cutting edge ipad will assuredly give the organization’s drooping tablet business with an abundantly required support also.


In any case, with a ton of the commotion committed to the invigorate of Apple’s present item portfolio, an alternate key approaching advancement from Apple appears to be becoming mixed up in the mix of the health app. This is shocking since Healthkit could eventually have the best effect of all Apple’s new propelled items this fall.


Despite the fact that you haven’t fundamentally heard excessively about it, Apple has been working diligently with accomplices and potential accomplices from assorted territories of the social insurance industry trying to addition help and get input before Health’s normal presentation in the IPHONE 6 one month from now.
The fall season and tech goliath Apple go as one. Regular tree grown foods jokes aside, Apple’s picked up a notoriety for utilizing the harvest time months to present its very foreseen items only in front of the Christmas shopping season to reverberating achievement.

This time is going to be the same.


apple healthkit


As per a late report from Reuters, Apple has generally focused on industry pioneers including wellbeing suppliers like Mount Sinai and Johns Hopkins and electronic records organizations, for example, Allscrpits and Epic Systems. Apple has effectively secured organizations with different pioneers at the growing crossing point between social insurance and innovation, including Nike and Mayo Clinic and is likely seeking after extra association at present. On the other hand, the general point in this remaining parts the same- -Apple seems, by all accounts, to be putting the full weight of its corporate clout behind its Healthkit activity. Its an IPHONE versus, say, a in Apple speech; a top necessity. Apple needs to make Healthkit a victor, an assignment that will be in no way, shape or form simple.
It has been a while now that a revolution came into the world of health care. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and it’s time the world became a safer place. A lot of generally subsidized, mechanically refined organizations have attempted to open up the health awareness industry previously. Two of the key issues any organization planning to change the medicinal services industry all at once will need to overcome are market fracture and security concerns. Healthkit, in the same way as the App Store before it, is planned to serve as the key paste that finishes social insurance information fracture. The item itself is the result for this situation, a space that is demonstrated greatly lucrative for Apple previously.


In any case, the security concerns will be significantly more shapeless an issue for Apple to explore. As you can envision, the transmission of medicinal services information that Apple expects to hurry with Health/Healthkit is an exceedingly managed territory of engineering. Apple is quick at work in gathering with different stakeholders, however with upwards of six diverse government offices taking care of oversight of social insurance information by one appraisal, Apple shows up in for a test; a feasible one, yet an enormous one at that.

At last, I’m idealistic that Apple has a victor in the works with Health and Healthkit. Between Apple’s profound ability in equipment, programming, and milder aptitude like marking, I can consider few organizations that are more qualified to shake-up the social insurance industry in an enormous manner. Furthermore with presumably short of what a month to go before Healthkit makes its official introduction, I’m unquestionably viewing with well-suited consideration, and you ought to be as well.


Brewing new:

Apple as of late selected a mystery improvement “dream group” to ensure its most current brilliant gadget was kept avoided the general population to the extent that this would be possible. Be that as it may the cat is out of the bag, and some early birds are saying with certainty that its regular effect could trump the ipod, Iphone, and the ipad. Actually,research foretells that about 48.5 crores of this kind of gadget will be sold for every year. In any case one little organization makes Apple’s contraption conceivable. Furthermore its stock cost has almost boundless room to run for ahead of schedule aware of present circumstances financial specialists.


The principal and most effectively obvious preference to making Health/Healthkit a winner would be the acceptable financial profit that Healthkit and another related gadgets (hack, iwatch) would create for Apple. Albeit hard to bind, if Apple can make remarkable, worth involving fittings in the kit, it stands to make a pretty penny. I’m of the conviction that Apple will undoubtedly deliver an iwatch sooner or later in the nearing months, yet that is for an alternate article.


The last profit would be more typical, yet at the same time material in my psyche, and that is Apple demonstrating to general society and investing group that it can at present advance. Despite the fact that its profoundly narrative, I have a ton of discussions with individuals about the contributing benefits of Apple (tragically or else, you be the judge). Nonetheless, practically to an individual, each discussion brings this issue up somehow, shape, or structure. By shooting the lights out with Healthkit and securing it as the true stage for health awareness engineering, Apple and CEO Tim Cook will have to a great extent practiced the apparition of originator Steve Jobs.

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