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Responsive Web Design: Easy as Pie

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Design | 0 comments

In today’s world a website designer has to face the daunting task of learning to code even if they are not remotely interested in softwares. The designer might be brilliant in the creative space but lack of technical skill often hinders them from delivering quality designs.


Froont aims to solve this problem. The beta version of Froont has been launched in May 2013 and it is backed by Finnish VC Inventure. It provides ease of use, suitability to designers from non technical backgrounds and a broader horizon to create and share designs.


The CEO and cofounder Sandijs Ruluks of Froont feels that sharing is the most important aspect in the designing community. Froont allows easy sharing which is an enriching experience for the designers. Using Froont people can create new designs or revise old and existing designs. It minimizes double work to a large extent.


The inspiration for Froont came from Github which endorses code reuse. Open-source coding has become an established norm but the concept of open sourced design still has some way to go. Froont aims to be there soon.


A huge number of internet companies are being launched every day. They have a growing demand for responsive website designs. Using Froont web designers can improvise on top of established professional designs and share with their clients the deliverables within a very short turnaround time. Some web design companies have already started to implement Froont in their business.


Froont lets the designers work on their visual editor which provides easy to use drag and drop functionalities. The output of the design is handled by Froont and converted into HTML5 and CSS3. The output being standardized can be incorporated easily into web applications. This is a huge advantage to the technologically challenged designers who are bubbling with creativity but never could reach their potential due to lack of standard tools.


Froont earns its revenue from an interesting freemium revenue model adopted by Ruluks. The designers who are not willing to share their work can still use Froont but they will have to pay a fee. The designers who want to share their work and allow reuse can use Froont services for free.

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Posted by on Oct 3, 2014 in Innovations | 0 comments

The new IPhone is prepared to be a money related diversion changer for the world’s biggest traded on an open market organization, and Apple’s cutting edge ipad will assuredly give the organization’s drooping tablet business with an abundantly required support also.


In any case, with a ton of the commotion committed to the invigorate of Apple’s present item portfolio, an alternate key approaching advancement from Apple appears to be becoming mixed up in the mix of the health app. This is shocking since Healthkit could eventually have the best effect of all Apple’s new propelled items this fall.


Despite the fact that you haven’t fundamentally heard excessively about it, Apple has been working diligently with accomplices and potential accomplices from assorted territories of the social insurance industry trying to addition help and get input before Health’s normal presentation in the IPHONE 6 one month from now.
The fall season and tech goliath Apple go as one. Regular tree grown foods jokes aside, Apple’s picked up a notoriety for utilizing the harvest time months to present its very foreseen items only in front of the Christmas shopping season to reverberating achievement.

This time is going to be the same.


apple healthkit


As per a late report from Reuters, Apple has generally focused on industry pioneers including wellbeing suppliers like Mount Sinai and Johns Hopkins and electronic records organizations, for example, Allscrpits and Epic Systems. Apple has effectively secured organizations with different pioneers at the growing crossing point between social insurance and innovation, including Nike and Mayo Clinic and is likely seeking after extra association at present. On the other hand, the general point in this remaining parts the same- -Apple seems, by all accounts, to be putting the full weight of its corporate clout behind its Healthkit activity. Its an IPHONE versus, say, a in Apple speech; a top necessity. Apple needs to make Healthkit a victor, an assignment that will be in no way, shape or form simple.
It has been a while now that a revolution came into the world of health care. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and it’s time the world became a safer place. A lot of generally subsidized, mechanically refined organizations have attempted to open up the health awareness industry previously. Two of the key issues any organization planning to change the medicinal services industry all at once will need to overcome are market fracture and security concerns. Healthkit, in the same way as the App Store before it, is planned to serve as the key paste that finishes social insurance information fracture. The item itself is the result for this situation, a space that is demonstrated greatly lucrative for Apple previously.


In any case, the security concerns will be significantly more shapeless an issue for Apple to explore. As you can envision, the transmission of medicinal services information that Apple expects to hurry with Health/Healthkit is an exceedingly managed territory of engineering. Apple is quick at work in gathering with different stakeholders, however with upwards of six diverse government offices taking care of oversight of social insurance information by one appraisal, Apple shows up in for a test; a feasible one, yet an enormous one at that.

At last, I’m idealistic that Apple has a victor in the works with Health and Healthkit. Between Apple’s profound ability in equipment, programming, and milder aptitude like marking, I can consider few organizations that are more qualified to shake-up the social insurance industry in an enormous manner. Furthermore with presumably short of what a month to go before Healthkit makes its official introduction, I’m unquestionably viewing with well-suited consideration, and you ought to be as well.


Brewing new:

Apple as of late selected a mystery improvement “dream group” to ensure its most current brilliant gadget was kept avoided the general population to the extent that this would be possible. Be that as it may the cat is out of the bag, and some early birds are saying with certainty that its regular effect could trump the ipod, Iphone, and the ipad. Actually,research foretells that about 48.5 crores of this kind of gadget will be sold for every year. In any case one little organization makes Apple’s contraption conceivable. Furthermore its stock cost has almost boundless room to run for ahead of schedule aware of present circumstances financial specialists.


The principal and most effectively obvious preference to making Health/Healthkit a winner would be the acceptable financial profit that Healthkit and another related gadgets (hack, iwatch) would create for Apple. Albeit hard to bind, if Apple can make remarkable, worth involving fittings in the kit, it stands to make a pretty penny. I’m of the conviction that Apple will undoubtedly deliver an iwatch sooner or later in the nearing months, yet that is for an alternate article.


The last profit would be more typical, yet at the same time material in my psyche, and that is Apple demonstrating to general society and investing group that it can at present advance. Despite the fact that its profoundly narrative, I have a ton of discussions with individuals about the contributing benefits of Apple (tragically or else, you be the judge). Nonetheless, practically to an individual, each discussion brings this issue up somehow, shape, or structure. By shooting the lights out with Healthkit and securing it as the true stage for health awareness engineering, Apple and CEO Tim Cook will have to a great extent practiced the apparition of originator Steve Jobs.

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Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in SEO | 0 comments

Everyone wants to do something different. And new!

Make the challenging move to the offbeat side, take the outing of a lifetime that will change all that you have been doing up to this point. Repetitiveness and fatigue are slaughtering your business? Find better approach to imbue greatly required life into it, testing the current way and breaking down the pieces you have had till date. You will discover speakers from everywhere throughout the world, from distinctive lines of business conversing with you about change SEO strategies you are not going to get wherever else. Ungagged is about discovering the following best thing, the way to take on the off chance that you wish to develop and get to where you and your business are amazing.

Aren’t you felt worn out on of the unlimited endeavors to improve your business and counseling SEO faculty who continue letting you know a great deal of language that head over your head? Is it accurate to say that you are enduring to discover the following best thing that will push your business and profession to statures you didn’t long for some time recently? In the event that you have the fearlessness to take things to the following level on a way never voyaged previously and through some energizing difficulties, go to the ungagged SEO gatherings. For individuals who are screwed over thanks to their routine SEO methods and patterns, converse with the specialists here who will provide for you a crisp new viewpoint not at all like anything you have perused, seen, or found out about in the recent past.

From serial business visionaries, to top influencers, you will discover each master in the business who has been overcome enough to change how things function and are harvesting the profits. On the off chance that you have what it takes and need to be unstuck from where you have been at this while, ungagged can provide for you the sort of experiences your interest has been desiring to research. A portion of the top names going to the gathering to provide for you continuous data and reveal to you how its carried out incorporate Jeremy Schoemaker otherwise known as shoemoney of, Dave Snyder a regarded web MARKETING expert, Damien Trevatt otherwise known as Diamond Damien, and Lane Becker. From interchanges specialists to the best web promoting advisor, the individuals here ability things click and how to change the way things have been to see the numbers climb. Sensational achievement and data that you didn’t think about up to this point anticipate you at the ungagged SEO Conference. For those with an energy to purchase, offer, or only for SEO or know how to reinvent yourself, here’s the ideal open door for development and the achievement that has been escaping you.

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Condom Designed to Kill HIV and STDs

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Innovations | 0 comments

Being an outcast, treated as a repulsive entity, which cannot even share a room with “the others” let alone share a bed with them are the symptoms of having an HIV infection, not just decreased bodily immunity that comes inherently along with it. However these are not unsolvable problems anymore. An Australian biotechnology company called Ansell has developed a condom that would not just help prevent unwanted pregnancies but also prevent the transmission of HIV, AIDS, herpes and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

These exclusive barrier providing and virus killing condoms contain a special antiviral compound in the lubricant known as “VivaGel”. This compound has been manufactured by Starpharma, another Australian biotechnology firm and is capable of neutralizing approximately 99.9% of the virus. Using these condoms also reduces the risk of exposure to such viruses that cause these diseases.

The condom has been approved after proper tests and checks conducted by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and had received the Conformity of Assessment Certificate by the same organization thereby sanctioning it for safe usage. Thus the product should be available in the Australian market in few months.

However, an HIV expert and a paediatrics professional in University of California, Dr. Anna Barbara Moscicki advised caution against using this product. Apparently in her researches early in her career she had studied VivaGel, the compound being used in the newly developed condoms, as a primal substance in an intra-vaginal cream being used by women to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. This VivaGel in the research conducted by Dr. Moscicki caused inflammation and irritation in the participants after being used twice a week for two corresponding weeks.

Manufacturers of the condoms have repeatedly been claiming lesser concentration of VivaGel in their product as compared to that in the creams thereby overcoming that barrier and making a breakthrough invention in the medical history.

This indeed should be a new product to watch out for. For more information on Herpes research, visit: natural cure for Herpes
This is a guest post written by the authors of that website.

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Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Online Marketing | 0 comments

Instead of reforming man, it is more profitable to change the environment of the man. It will help him walk in a particular direction or a preferred way. The above statement lies true especially in case of customer and organization relationship.


Customers in any business are an important part at the receiving end. A customer chooses wisely and therefore an organization ideally should make all attempts to satisfy its customers in all ways.

That is why the latest trend amongst companies is focussed around customers build on their needs, desires and convenience. Customer behaviour is the new market trend which companies follow to keep up to the expectations of its consumer.

These organizations go by the saying that keeping an old consumer is way easier and cheaper than making new ones. Loyalty maintenance is another key task that they follow to keep up ahead of the competition in the market.


No deal in any business can result without clear communication. It not only means one way declaration of policies, making one way design and ideas. Communication is always fruitful when done both ways. It is important to understand the priorities and needs of customers one is dealing with.

But the question is how one can know that what are the currents of the market and what satisfies its consumers the most. The answer lies in simple research. Research is inevitable in when it comes to exploring customer behaviour.

The key strategies that are important in doing successful costumer exploration includes experimentation. It includes trying different ideas in marketing to give new ways to services. It gives new solutions for better facilities and provision. Experimentation gives a clue whether the solutions are technically acceptable by people or not.

Further experimentation and communication makes it much easy in creating the exact design that is in demand with the customers. It is a trouble free task for the makers to give its followers exactly what they are looking for.



It is generally seen that when any organization gets hold of the market, it loses focus on experimentation and research. It happens because of reasons like

  • Short term success
  • Loosing intimacy with customers
  • Ahead in competition
  • Production regularity

With all these achievements an organization begins to think that it is in the good books of its targeted customer. But these lead to research gap and hence customers move on to more updated and wanted products.


A company’s natural tendency is to keep focus on the products it makes. After all it is identified with them. In practice the attention by organizations should be given to people instead of objects.



The people and target audience it produces its manufacture for are to be the main focus. Customers should be treated a people with general needs that can be accomplished by the design a company is introducing in the market.

Everything should be made for the consumer and to the consumer. Treating consumer as a person at the receiving end may help overcome a lot of barriers. If one fails to identify the innovation-worldconsumer as person one ignores its

  • Understanding
  • Feelings
  • Wants
  • Needs
  • Priorities

When a marketer sees a person as an object it kills the definite potential to reach out to the people. It also shadows their true wants and desires that they wish to see in what they buy. Customer opinion is central to every little thing that is made.

How to go about fulfilling these demands? This question is to be answered in a very systematic way. The answer solves the mystery of steps in which customer innovation can take place.

  • Discover

It is essential to know what your customers what. Targeting the audience is the first step. Once it is outlined as to which group and people are to be targeted, it becomes easy to build the product.

It is important to look for what people are actually looking in a product.

  • Interact with consumers
  • Prioritize their desires
  • Provide solutions to their current demands

Paying attention to it, one can form a good communication base with the customers.

  • Design

This is the next step. Designing includes creating products up to expectation of the user. Not only this, but also to understand customers future needs that one cannot sometimes explain in words.

A layman does not know what technology is capable of doing. It is the rightful duty of the designer to provide the end user with advanced services. This can only be realised when there is communication and innovation both point at the buyer.

A model should

  • Be able to help customers attain their needs and requirements at the earliest
  • Help explore new technology
  • Give solution to their problems

This completes the entire design model of how a a product should be compiled.

  • Deliver

Deliverance is basically the review of what you promised as a company. People should be able to reflect up on your agenda. The promised solutions should also be fulfilled for affective delivery of services and products.

It requires a follow up with the customers to know the satisfactory levels. Only then good delivery is assured.

These steps ensure that the customer is kept in mind while dealing with any product. After all consumer is said to be the god.


It is also checking customer satisfaction levels. It is one of the best steps taken by any company that assure buyers that they are cared. This keeps them intact with the business and increases brand loyalty.

Easy steps for fruitful execution include

  • Proper monitoring of experience
  • Know the response rate
  • Keep a follow up
  • Keep customers under confidence

Developing business at social media is one good idea. But what it actually does is only updates, shares contents and provides a little help in marketing. The essentiality lies in knowing its customers. The key to big business is thorough research amongst the people who are going to be perspective buyers.

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